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Daily Muslim News


  • Please inform yourself before you criticize
  • Total Muslim Reservation: A Lesson To learn For SP, BSP & Congress
  • A different sort of Valley 'protest'
  • Realtor Helps Toronto Muslims Buy Cemetery
  • CAIR Decries Santorum's Call for Profiling of Muslims
  • Madrassas modernise to meet needs of British Muslims
  • Kenya: Kemnac, Muhuri Oppose Israel Intervention in Somalia
  • Islamists walk a thin line as they eye gains from Syria crisis
  • Hijrah Lessons for Muslim Minorities
  • Cradley Heath-based Muslim group to donate blood in memory of terrorist victims
  • 'Jesus Christ' ban: 'Official be charged with blasphemy'
  • Sunni Sufis demand Muslim quota at Murshidabad conference
  • Jerusalem Holy Site Excavations Unearth History, Controversy
  • UK Council Axes Anti-litter Muslim Campaign
  • Drew Sharp: Big Ten simply can't compete for national titles in football
  • Russellville City Council called
  • As the US looks away, Muslim extremists wait in the wings
  • Report finds Bahrain systematically tortured political detainees
  • Exhibit Showcases Islamic Gift-Giving Tradition
  • Residents respond to opposition, show support for CA's women-only swim times