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Daily Muslim News


  • Thousands of Muslims and Jews to meet in annual twinning of synagogues and mosques
  • Votes of Egyptian expats manipulated, claims Muslim Association of Greece
  • 'The proof of religion being insufficient is everywhere'
  • Opening session of World Muslim Congress
  • Baptist or Catholic? None of the above
  • Columbia Association to hold woman-only swim times
  • Indian project steals limelight at IDB workshop
  • CAIR Files Multi-State Records Requests on Anti-Muslim Law Enforcement Trainings
  • Assad regime will not survive - Muslim scholar
  • Women Fellowship of Ghana Muslims Mission holds annual Regional Conference
  • SL only non-Muslim country which broadcasts Azan - AHM Azwer, MP
  • Radical Muslim Cleric: Christmas the Pathway to Hell
  • High Hopes for Serbia Muslim Unity
  • Beaverton Muslim woman who ran for Congress switches to Republican Party
  • An American reality with Muslims
  • CAIR Slams Muslim Foes of al-Shabaab
  • Hindu radicals disguised as Muslims planted Malegaon bombs?
  • A Poor Response from the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Highlights from the 'All-American Muslim' reality-check liveblog
  • Wingnut Anti-Tax Hero Grover Norquist Actually Muslim Extremist?