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Daily Muslim News


  • Access uncertain if Muslim Brotherhood takes power
  • Lady Warsi: extremists forfeit their right to call themselves Muslim
  • 'More Muslims should own private varsities'
  • NYC Muslim Leaders Encourage Residents to Know Their Rights
  • Muslims vs. Cartoons: What To Do Against Blasphemy?
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  • Texas man convicted of attempting to aid Al Qaeda
  • Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha in California
  • Herman Cain: Most Muslims in US are extremists
  • Herman Cain's Anti-Muslim Prejudice Returns
  • Anti-Muslim 'hate crimes' up 50 percent in US: FBI
  • Gay, Muslim groups relieved by changes to bullying bill
  • NY Muslims Angry Over Spying: 'Don't Call NYPD' For Terror Concerns
  • 'All-American Muslim' Misleads on Islam
  • 'Muslims should be kicked out of the military', says leading Tennessee Republican
  • Muslim artist defies Islamic prudes by baring all on the web
  • Muslim group's suit hits setback
  • Muslim sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah stopped at border in Jordan
  • Does Rick Perry's Comment About Israel Make Him a Muslim?
  • Muslim faithful laud Oyo govt for ensuring peace during sallah