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Daily Muslim News


  • Syrian uprising may become civil war as factions escalate violence
  • Religious conversion: Church pastor arrested
  • Reframing the debate on Islam in France by Tareq Oubrou*
  • An irony to religious tolerance
  • AIUMM to back parties which support Muslim quota
  • ARMM gov vows to bequeath good legacy
  • Western Democracy And Christianity Are Un-African!
  • The results of Tunisian elections, the Turkish model and the world hegemony
  • Stipend of Madrasah teachers hiked
  • Muslim Aid Day: A Celebration
  • Four Muslims Charged with Terror in Britain
  • Indian Muslim Apex Body deliberates on national and international situation
  • Jais' advice questioned
  • Turkish president still keen on EU as he arrives in UK
  • Navy outplay Baloch FC as Muslim FC down PAF
  • Ahead of UP elections, Sunni Muslim group threatens to boycott Congress
  • Benetton storms ahead with controversial kiss ads
  • Leaders of Jacksonville interfaith groups seeking ways to improve ecumenical ...
  • TCN Series: Situation of Muslims after 5 years of Sachar Report
  • How AMU Alumni can help out the Sachar Report?