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Blog title: My Allah bless my friend
Blog description: Salaam alaikum to my brothers and sisters! One year ago I was down. My heart was broken. Some people made a scar to my heart. I was a lonely unhappy person who was tired of her life. I felt there was no reason to live. Then I met a muslim girl. Sweet, kind and well-behaving. We were in the same basketball team. I get know to her. I learn about islam. I found her way of life had a meaning. I start feeling better every day. I want to thank her so deeply. I love U sis! May Allah bless U.
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PLEASE READ THIS Posted on Thu, Aug 02, 2007 00:00
Salaam alaikum dear sisters and brother, I would like to share some serious information about one of the user of muslimfriends. I don't mention person's name. More important is to listen what he does. First, this person tells he is good. I try to convient he is nice and very interested in you. Then he says he really wants to meet you and flattering any kind of stuff about you. Then he starts lying some excuse, to see have your number or address..anything. Every of this happens very fast. Then he is telling "how madly" he loves you. (hahahaah) He wants to chat with you in messenger.. somehow he got in my pc and turn my webcam on without I was knowing it.. Allah knows what he has see..and how long he did it. Then he tried to scare me out telling what I was doing at the moment.. Anyway..I wanted to tell, beware this person.. He is really sick. He lies his age. He has kids.. He is not even muslim.. Luckily my big bro helped me to get rid of this sick personality and alhamdulillah nothing worse happened.. So sister and brothers..beware and inform others to be careful! Thank you!
Ugly ducking Posted on Fri, Jul 13, 2007 00:00
Salaam :) This is dedicated to all my old classmates, who used to bully me 9 years... Today I was thinking about my old classmates.. I think they were pretty nice (to each others at least). But somehow..they didn't like me.. One reason was my family didn't belong to same religious Christian group as they did. That was in the Elementary School. Every day I heard how ugly my shoes were or how fat or ugly I was. Or if we had some group working, they were laughing at me.. So I did feel very uncomfortable about school. Alhtough I loved my teacher and I had excellent grades. I was best at sport in my school. I did great in language and Maths.. And they hated me also because of it. I never brag about these things, oppisite.. But I was left outside their games.. Finally I really had enough being called "fatty".. So one year...I lost 15 kilos..I became the thinnest person on my class.. Still..nothing changed.. I felt I am the worst person is this planet.. So when I was 17 I was going alone to far East.. There I was opposite everything I was before. People liked me a lot. Also I was doing modelling.. But now.. I really would like to thank all the people who made me strong.. Although what they was terrible wrong.. But's not my business to judge anyone.. I wonder if anyone has similar memories with me?