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  • As a convert I have many questions especially about marriage. I have friends that arent married yet so I cant ask them anything. I just thought I would use this blog for that purpose but also just for general question and answers along with discussions.
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Does Seeking the Guidance Mean Self Knowledge Posted on Aug 17, 2011 at 08:17 AM
Many times I find people suggesting me to seek the guidance, which is great advice and thank inshallah. I still wonder if there are some key issues that may be missing in that advice. How and who should I seek guidance from? I get very limited support from people in my town because of my slow transition into wearing hijab and praying...many feel like they would be looked down upon if seen with me. Is it really that shameful? My goodness! I would really like to be more understood and guided with patience and seen within a patient lens as opposed to the one that I have received thus far. As for the mosque in our town....very prejudice group of people who only see their group of people as being the best followers and brush off all others. I can say that the one thing that I miss about going to church is the sense of community, love, support and prayer partners. I have yet to find this in my town and this has strengthen me in patience with others and hope but not strength in faith. What are the ways in which I can get a Quran study group together amongst women? How important is Muslim sisterhood amongst Muslim women? How can I contribute to change within my own community so that other converts don't feel like the weakest link?
converts and marriage Posted on Mar 15, 2011 at 07:45 PM
The question that I have is how does a female convert without a family marry? Does the fact that I had a child before I converted make a difference? Would I be treated any differently because of these two situations? Would concerns should I have if any?