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Muslim Pick-up Lines Posted on Mon, Jun 05, 2006 08:50
Sigh. Just when you thought the Muslim world would stop ridiculing themselves, they prove you wrong... 1. "OH MY GOSH! I just saw part of your hair, now you're obliged to marry me." 2. "I'd like to be more than just your brother in Islam." 3. "To watch you pray is a sin of its own." 4."Will my platinum VISA cover your dowry?" 5."You can't play basketball with a jilbab on, marry me, and we will go one-on-one our entire life." 6."Muslims are supposed to have many children, and I am willing to do my part..." 7."Assalamualaikum, so what time does a Hoor Al-3ayn like you have to be back in Jannah?" 8. So, read any good Surahs lately? 9. Do you believe in the hereafter? Oh you do? Then you know what I'm hereafter. 10. Would you like to see my collection of Bukhari's? 11. Lets get married so I dont have to lower my gaze every time you walk in the room 12. I've had to fast every day since the day that I first saw you. 13. Do you work for the FBI ? Because you've just abducted my heart. 14. Your father must be saddam, because you're da BOMB! 15. Are your feet tired? Because you've been performing Tawaaf in my mind all day long? 16. Would you like to help me wake up for Fajr? 17.. Are you a Shiite? Because when I saw you, I said to myself, "She aiight". 18. Do you wanna date? I bought a box full when I went to Madinah. 19. Girl, you fine. I see praying five times a day has paid off. 20. That's a nice burka. Can I talk you out of it? 21. I need to break my fast. Can I have a date? 22. I didnt trip over my thobe, I fell for you. 23. I know Halal meat does a body good, but dang, how much you been eatin'?! I hope this made you smile.