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Blog description: Lately, I feel so hard being a single mom living in the country where people cares about who you are. There are always people's think about me in a way i don't want eventhough you do the right thing as a mom or a woman. Sometimes I feel that they are not fair about my status because they just blame me. I don't mind to get marriage again but till now I haven't found the right person to be my soul mate and my child's father. In the meanwhile, i'm still in the process of getting divorced although I have been separated from my ex three years ago. Besides, my child who become 6 years ago next month, grow so quick and he might need someone to teach him as a moslem man....or taking him for islam activity like Friday prayer or other activity which are a moslem man does. If there is someone who has life like me who can share, i will be happy....
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muslim204 Posted on Tue, Sep 05, 2006 22:05
It's nice to find your profile in this site. Your profile is interesting. I would like to know you if you don't mind but i'm not a gold member so i can't email you from this site. Btw, I'm 41 years, female, living in Jakarta and I have a little boy named Ali. I attached the picture of us..wasalam
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