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sometime Posted on Aug 26, 2006 at 09:56 AM
sometime sometime i wish you talk to me sometime i wish you say you miss me sometime i wish you say you still love me sometime i wish you can give me a hug sometime i wish you hold my hand sometime i wish you still care for me sometime i wish you can give a smile sometime i wish i never meet you sometime i wish i hate you sometime i wish i don't miss you sometime i wish i don't think about you BUT the most i wish is you are happy at your life now ,that's what i really wish.nothing is more better then you are happy.
Remembering.......... Posted on Aug 26, 2006 at 09:52 AM
Remembering my classmates after a few years. My eyes were filled with tears. Everyone nows is busy a lot. No one escaped destiny's plot. Saw the girl whom I thought will always be my bestfriend. Today I realise she is somebody's elses bestfriend. After months,remembered her a while. Heard she is happy and that made me smile. Projects,nicknames and bench games. cultural rehearsals to love proposals. short term crushes to blushes. Everything is fresh in my mind. wish live could just be rewind. chatting and laughing,everyone in mood of celebration. till it was time for separation. When it was time to part. We embraced each other with a heavy heart. Today life is full of commitments, and too many worries, but those cherished moments, will remain in my memories!
May Allah guide me always Posted on Aug 21, 2006 at 09:22 PM
what is love? Does it come from the eye goes down to the heart or from cheek goes to the lips? I know I am not suppose to complain. There are many who are whose of then me. There are also others who do not have a chance to feel how does falling in love feels like. but sometimes I just cannot help but wonder.... is this my destiny? Is my love story will always be bitter? Or is it destined that I will remains single throoughout my life? wallahualam. I have always dream of a cinderalla love story. But dream will likely to remains dream. It may never become a reality. I have tasted many kind of love, monkey love, true love and even shared love till at one time I was being accused of marriage wrecker.Luckily my conscience pull me back and I decide to end the relationship eventhough my heart breaks into a million pieces. Now, I am in doubt. I choose to just surround myself with friends and families. I dare not look for love anymore..... shld this be the way? Is it true that love will come knocking at your door when u least expects it? Should I continue searching or close my heart forever.... I hope my muslim friends can enlighten me. And also another questions to the guys.... is look your 1st priority? Doesnt inner beauty counts anymore?