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Volunteers for Lebanon? Posted on Tue, Aug 08, 2006 23:27
After a month of senseless destruction, there arent any signs it will stop any time soon. And i have grown tired of waiting and hoping for the best. Those people need help, and they need it now. So i started asking around, and i thought of doing the same here. Does any one know of any NGO or institutions that are accepting volunteers to help in Lebanon? If any one knows something about this, i would be forever gratefull if you could tell me, as i want to go to Lebanon and do what i can. I cannot bare to stay here another minute, doing nothing, knowing i could be helping someone escape that madness. Sometimes we have to set aside our own problems, and do what our conscience dictates, no matter the cost. I wont stay silent anymore... Any information you might have in this regard, please email me, or post here. I would forever be in your debt. Lets pray for all our lebanese brothers and sisters, for their safety and well being, and that inshallah the zionists will be kicked out of Lebanon soon. Thank you. P.