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My experience with my 6 year old niece Posted on Sep 18, 2006 at 11:47 AM
Assalammualaikum everyone, I had my 6 year old niece coming to me and probing me questions that ALHAMDULILLAH i can answer her. Niece: Aunt Jenna y must we pray 5 times a day Me: Do u know what is the meaning of Islam and y Shalat/sholat is the pillar of ISLAM? Niece: Islam is our religion and uh i dont know. Me: Islam is the way u lead your life. Shalat/sholat is the pillar of ISLAM as I means Isyak, S means Subuh, L means Luhur/Zohor, A means Asar, M means Maghrib and thats y its call the pillar of ISLAM. Now, since u like computer so much and u always play them-we have been teached to give our eyes some rest as your eyes n body need it after an hour or so this can be answer to your question y we have to shalat/sholat. We sholat/shalat 5 times a day is because we give ourself a rest from the world and space for us to communicate with ALLAH to complain to HIM how our day is or any other factors u would like to tell ALLAH how u feel. By doing Shalat/sholat even thought for 5-10 mins, it makes your blood circulate better because its a form of exercise that moves all the joints. Niece: oh i got the point. then y must i fast? Me: What do u think of fasting? Niece: Fasting is when we don't eat, don't drink during the fasting time Me: Is that all? U see eating and drinking is a feeling Niece: Oh yah, not to forget that we have to surpressed all bad intentions and fight against nafsu which is the biggest war all humans have. Me: Fasting make us a better person in knowing the word Contented-look at those people at war where theres no food no drink or those poor countries who have nothing to survive on. And like what u say to summarise the meaning of Fasting is to fight against your own nafsu. And remember this, if ALLAH thinks that we humans can't do it, this wont be stated in the quran but because under one quote of Surah Al Baqarah: "Allah don't give a test to HIS servants beyond his capability, it gets every good that it earns; it gets every ill that it earns."-so this line is surely mean that we can pass HIS test. Niece: Aunty Jenna, i had a friend who her father is a Professor of Science. He asked me a question that y when muslims pray, they don't have a symbolic thing/statue infront of them. Me: OH my... what do u answer him? Niece: I answered him, "Since u r a professor of Science, u believe frequency is there but u can't see it, u feel wind but u can't see it, u can smell perfume but u don't see the molecules of it flying around, u can't see gravity but u believe its there. We don't need a symbol of something to belive ALLAH is there or to feel assured because HE is already there. I don't need assurance but i have already assured. Then the Professor ask me again,"Hey Kid, smart of u that u knock my sense to make me understand. Now tell me Y Allah has angels to be his assistant as HE don't need actually?" I answered him, " O professor, don't u see ALLAH don't need assistant for HE can do things HIMSELF HE IS AL MIGHTY. But hear me out of the logicness that im going to tell u-Where do u get your things from u being born till u are grown up now? The professor answered that his parents bought for him and he get it from the shops and explain the shops get from the supplier and supplier get from the manufacturer and etc. I answered, " The logicness to put in this question is that ALLAH is trying to tell us that everybody needs everybody so make peace with each other because u need one another. U see ALLAH don't need assistant but because HE wants to show us examples so we behave appropriately towards others." I really smiled through out the conversation because i was amazed with the answers my niece has given and in fact, i too learnt alot from her ALHAMDULILLAH as she can think smart not only in religion basis but the logic way too.
At times, we have to reason out with the non muslims Posted on Sep 16, 2006 at 01:46 AM
Assalammualaikum to everyone, Sharing my experiences of life with the non muslims friends i had. Maybe all of us had been asked this question before. I had my non muslim friends asking me, "Jenna, y must u eat halal food only? As long u dont eat pork, its ok. And y cant u eat pork?" I answered with a smile. i give them 3 answers which are based on religion, logic and experience- Religion: I can only eat halal food because it has be slaughtered in the name of ALLAH as HE is our Provider, our Creator. And whatever we do, we have to remember HIM always. Furthermore, in ISLAM; we are teached to have ettiqute at all times. Look at those animal factory that slaughtered or kill animals for consumption- they hanged the animals steamed them in pain (torture) , iron their bodies and removed their skins when the animal are still alive (ive got this research from my friend when he visited the pig factory) but we muslim are civilised and clean and respect animals by doing the slaughtery in the easiest way as possible by slaughtering their neck and that too need to be really professional in slaughtering it so that the animal dont fell TORTURED while dying. Logic answer: The reason y we Muslims slaughter the animals we can eat in the name of ALLAH because in all animals, there are bad toxin in their body and if we dont slaughter them-it will give us a side effect that will destruct our body in years to come like skin diseases. Thats y we slaughtered it so as to remove that toxin until the blood has been removed totally. ( i have this researched by a muslim professional person). Logic: When i was in school majoring the Arts subject, my 3 non muslim friends and me sat down and going to have lunch. One of them ordered pork steak and the rest of us ate something else. I was carrying this food tray and wobbling accidentally my SODA drink fell to my friend pork steak. Everyone was shocked and disgusted by wat happened to the PORK steak as we saw maggots coming out of it. So maybe, the person did not cook it properly or maybe the meat is stale. so she went to order again and i told her y not u cut it and pour soda drink to test so she did and we saw maggots coming out again. Yucks rite! The 4 of us decided to do some test- We went to her big house and asked her mum to prepare 5 trays of Lamb,Beef,Pork,Chicken,Fish and soda drinks, orange juice n liquor. I was with my gloves all the time. We steamed, fried,baked all the meats till it is overcooked and black. They cut it and all of us test putting soda drinks, orange juice and liquor to each piece to see the reaction. Oh me Goodness! Only the Pork has the reaction-maggots came out of the pork and nothing happen to the other meats. So what pig nowadays are clean and only eat wheat but due to the experience i have seen that no matter how overcook or cook the pork is, still there will be maggots coming out from the soda drinks reaction. Yucks! Getting some research from other of my professional friends that some of them had experienced looking at dead bodies from the "fridge mortuary" and saw maggots coming out of the body and they made research that this people are pork eaters. Yucks! Astaghfirulllah halazhim! Getting research from my friends who are muslim doctors - some people that have bad smell (one kind of smell in the world) is because they are pork eater as "we are wat we eat"- most doctors posters main statement) and most of those who have like blackish marks on their back safely to say like minor skin diseases are because they are pork eaters. Astaghfirullah halazhim. This is part of my experience in life. May ALLAH forgives us and bless us with paradise. Amin
How real can the NEWS in TV Media be? Posted on Sep 16, 2006 at 01:10 AM
Assalammualaikum to everyone, May Allah forgives those who manipulate and bless us in the righteous way. I would like to share my experience which i had as i could remember this happen 5years ago. First of all, i won't be able to disclosed which TV media station of that country that this happen but it goes like this.... I had a friend who work as a news editor in this TV station pertaining to NEWS of the war between the non muslims and muslims. Her bad experience was that when she was asked to edit a news in this particular country, the picture of that place was bombed with no victims in it but she was asked to edit it that the place was bombed and put few victims (non muslims) in the picture. She was so depressed as she is a muslim when she has to do this all the time as that is what her job requires her to do till i advise her that she need to stop doing this as this is manipulating the life of islam when actually infact all this are not the TRUTH and furthermore broadcasting this to the WORLD and complications plus confusions will overcome the non muslims that we muslims are bad people. I advise her a lot again n again and she opened up more things pertaining to the news that she had to edit every single time until it has hit my threshold that i told her off nicely, " So what.. if u have made big bucks working in a tv media but at the end of the day u gain sins from all of us the muslims people. I rather u have nothing but gains the good deeds by doing goods to others. Do u know how big your sins have become by doing this? Aren't you afraid that tomorrow u might not wake up and watch another sunrise again and then you found yourself dead and ended up in hell? Aren't you afraid that u dont have time to repent and then the last thing u know that u r dead and by then u will tell ALLAH that give u another chance to repent? I told her that i am not a good muslimah yet but at least i dont do things that i know its bad, remember u r broadcasting this to the world and are u ready to take up all the muslims people sins?" She cried and held my hand and telling me thanks for knocking her sense off and waking her up. Finally, after she has realized her biggest mistake-she quit and move on to be a better muslimah. So now, i may not be working in the TV media news but there are things that i know what they did to us muslims to manipulate our mind our islam hood. So how can the TV news be 100 percent truth? im not saying that the news is not the truth because sometime real things happen just my objective is here to be aware and beware plus be alert. May Allah forgives me for my mistakes and bless us with HIS paradise. Amin