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Just a thought. Posted on Mon, Jun 05, 2006 12:01
Meeting people.. we all want to meet our ideal match.. someone who can make you smile, someone who can stimulate your mind, someone who you can walk down the street and proudly say he/she?s mine.. we all want that? and then.. you find that person.. that person appears to be on the same wave- length as you, and tells you the future looks good and bright. The presents and promises flow freely and the words bring peaceful sleep.. in the peaceful dream one dares to dream, flowers, sunshine, blue skies, the stars smile down upon you?laughter and peace of mind are at the forefront of your dream? but.. hey.. then you awake and realise your beautiful dream was just an illusion.. an illusion that only some people are lucky enough to have as reality.. that?s it.. if Allah (SWT) has ordained one to lead their life without an partner then no matter how much one searches they will never find someone.. so lets see what life brings to us??