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  • opps there is a blog, Yippe, hahaha, just a test.. Taliking bout blog, hmmmm, u know, i love to write...dadaaa, i really have this plan on head.. that i wanna write a blog on the knowledge journey I have been through and the sweet moment of my teaching profession and my It Administration job...ahaa I'll write more insyallah.
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She's Gone Posted on Nov 06, 2006 at 08:46 PM
Well, today I still felt the sadness, she has been gone.. I did no believe she was gone..She was the one who was the brighthess among all I ever saw and i just wish that she still here..she is still seating at her chairs and flashed me her sweet an innocence smile and her speach was rather slur but never misssing the chirpiness. Wether she faked that or that was genuine...I would have a clue...She is gone with all the answer... What it happen this way? Perhaps, Allah love her more...I could not belief she is gone...Gone with all Allah loved ones....I just hope she is happy in hearafter..I hope that she will. That make me think.Voices in me seem to sub consiously playing on my head..Am i available for them all the time..Am are there when they need me... I know that at times i was engulfed with work which I hope to finish up...I tends to cut myself from the rest of the world..I know that...I ignored anyone that came to see me and I just gave them one kind of Witchy expression and my forehead must be flashing a "Do Not disturb" sign.. Now, the question of will there be anyone that needs me that i have to stop everthing of what I am doing and focuses on this person..Spend the time with them when i have too, who knows whats next know what i meant..there will be no regret. How would i know...that I don't to make any more mistake again reaching further in their life and be able to make change and release them form the emotional burden that has been tormented them.. Allah, what has happened has really effected my life however all this seems to be wrong but good pespective that lays behind it...Help me and help the rest to uncover that and let us learn and apply that in our life to make the most of it.. And the message that Allah want us to uncover behind it was great but hidden for now..Perhaps, Allah you are sending a wake up call for all of us ..And perhaps to this event, we manage to think further about our life and make changes for the better.. This the time for us to reflect on ourselve what our life has been..r we burying our dream? are we not using out time wisely? Are we wasting ourselve in procastination and fear...? Are we having a rubbish bin life? What can we do to me a difference for us and pple around us?? We are the chosen one breath and to live ...we are the lucky one so what are going to do...???????????????? Have you think how lucky we are, we still changes and create something out or life..what about our lost freind...? Is'nt that sad.. I will rather say that, she has gone as a hero like the those pattern butterfly. They sacrifies themselve so others of their species will not be disturbed and have a glorious life..She just another hero and worth to be remembered that way.. She is all gone perhaps in our life but not in our heart...And there she will remains there forever.... Reflect your life and make the best of it..Live.With no regret.. please everyone recite Al-fateha for her...A..min
being a sickie Posted on Jul 18, 2006 at 08:06 AM
masyallah, Last week, has been a horrible week for me as I just felt that my world has became to a slow crumble and it was not according to what I want.. My body was evaded with a flue virus and I felt darn horrible and gruesome..How at a certain point I just wished that I could switched body and errr do all the things that crammed on my list last week,... Bugger, its all started up when i began to stress out with one my class 1.2..ohh i love that class so much as it was full with wonderful, chubbby tumbling kids that did made me smile when I saw or thought about them.. However, the sweet savoury innocent convention of 1.2 agels did not last long pretty long as they have decided to be little bit more devilish then used to bit.. And guess what, me...I have to sustitute into a holling wolf to shut those evilish I lost my Voice and also I sent my stresso meter to such hitted to maximum lever..My system was not on the full alert from those cunning virus.. The next day I start to coughed darn bad and my body start to get ached in unison..By the time i left work in the afternoon.. My system has waving the white flags of surrender and I was badly attacked into ranging fever, so i went to see Mr Lim straight away. He told me " man ur temperature really shot up darn fast...", I felt , sore all over my body and I decided to stay at home although I really reluctant to leave my wrk to someone else.. I just hated to trouble my freind to take over my class, it was not that I was jelous or some sort but I just hated it when I had to cover my freinds when thy werent I just dont want pple hate me for that.. Wow , I just felt that my head was bagging like there are a huge team of constructions workers drilling, and pounding in my head... And my body ached as though I was being torn in tiny little pieces.. worst then that, I had turn to Miss granny Weaky ..hahah I reckon those granny even would take a pride of doing more then me huh..I knees wobbles like jelly ..My movement kinda jerky too as those virus seem to coulded my signals pessage and my brain could not a clear message form my body parts cause vague movement standard.. Errrr...i felt Shack the next day althought i have to drag mysel to wrk..the worst ordeal that went stumpede to me was...i was waylaid with numerous of task that i could hardly comprehend or handle... Haf..u those haf you have to do something 2 morrow during the Sport day ...errrrr what if i colllpase due to their slavery ....would there any handsome man to rescue me...hahahah.. fat hope Fisza My throat was the worst of all, i just felt that somebody has choked me up with barbwire tied around my neck...And there mny tiny bolloons appearing on it....Even every time i swollow water, i felt like salt water gulgling on my wound...heheheheheheh....the pain was excrutiating Allah help me.. Well, looking back of those of my sickie time...that make me realise the important of health .. u have to maintain urself to to attain those pink of health..And the denial that,,,i wasnt be taking care of myself has come to the picture of those thigs i took forgranted..all the time..all my wrong doing seems to be peraded on my mind..errr..thats make me very shameful ...hehehehe
Family , Family, family Posted on Jan 29, 2006 at 12:47 AM
Well, family, like a upolished gem, if you work it up, it turns into something that is the most valuable in one life. Thts the actuall fact of that. Before that, hm i really wonder where is my blog that I posted it on Friday...Hmmmm, I think I write quite a fair bit, dunno that there is a restriction in here... Aha, rite now I am writing this at a A cafe after after having my late lunch(at 4:30 pm)hahaha,having my notebook infornt of me and I am pretending like SITC actor burring its article, Aha, I hope this time, my post would stay intact and it wont be lost or deleted somewhere or some how.