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Salam to everybody Posted on Jul 21, 2006 at 07:41 AM
Hey guys. How are you. Well its been a long time since I've checked the blogs...maybe too long. Just came by to take a look on whats new. Well, I gotta go now. Take care everybody.
The cure for all deceases Posted on Apr 23, 2006 at 04:50 PM
Salam to everyone. I really hate to see the pharma. companies earning billions on fake medicine yet where millions of people are dying worldwide due to aids, cancer and other man-made deceases. I am currently doing a lot of research into the perfect medicine and come accross an unusual medication for cure for cancer. I know that if I tell the medical institute board at my uni, they will laugh at me. And there has been cases where people have been murdered (through natural accidents). The pharma. companies are hiding all the cures from the humanity. No cure means more profit for these companies. Anyway coming back again. The cure is found in Honey. Not the type of honey you buy on the shelves on supermarket (because they have been modified with cure ingridients removed). What I am talking about is RAW Honey. Straight from the bee's nest. Taking 2 spoons of this raw honey, every morning for 30 days will inshallah cure any cancer. Please feel free to try this on someone you know who has got cancer. I was not allowed to perform this task at the local hospital, as they said I had to be registered medical student (which i am not). The quran clearly states that Honey has "Shaffa." I was very close to try this on a patient (with their permission) but the doctors warned the patient that if the patient do this, then the doctors can no longer help him if there is some kind of fault (and I bet the doctors would inject something into the patient, to prevent this remedy to work). I was at a verge of crossing their limits. I knew that it was becoming dangerous and my life was in danger at that point. Anyway you will know what I am talking about when you try to carry out this task on a patient (if in case the pharma. companies know what you are doing). Please tell this remedy to every person you know.
What do we owe to the west Posted on Apr 22, 2006 at 04:33 PM
By living in the west for 20 years and being raised up here I see and question myself. What do the Muslims owe to the west??? What do WE as individuals owe to the west??? At one place I see our own people critizising that they are Muslims, yet they are involved in drug dealing and crimes. Our own attitude has lead the west to think Muslims as a burden on the society. Yet by looking back just 100 years, Muslims were the most respected humans and the earth. We cannot change the past and what has happened, we need to change the present and ourselves. We owe a lot to the West. They provide us with free education, social security, welfare system, free medication and many more. What do the so called "Islamic Countries" provide??? Nothing. You cannot even raise your voice against the government, or else this can mean death or jail sentence. I hear many so called "Muslims" saying that the west doesn't provide a jack sh** and claim that the best countries are "Islamic countries". they do not realise how much the Western government (which they live under) have supported them. What we need to do is change ourselves. Don't fight over small issues, eliminate jealously in our own communities, and encourage education among ourselves. This will be a very good contribution to the societies we live in the west. What do we owe to the West is a key question I would therefore request you to think about. Raza
Peace and Love --- Not War Posted on Apr 02, 2006 at 04:32 PM
Hey you all females out there. Respect to you all. It's Raza here from Manchester. Seeking people with good hearts and souls.