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  • out of my 21 years i have always thought that meeting your soul mate online is crap. i never thought that i would ever find even someone online that i could be friends with. to me when i meet friends it would always be in person, and i want to meet my soul mate in person so i know that he is really who he says he is. however, i am a muslim women living in an area that has like no muslim men and i want to get married and start my life. should try and meet someone online or just wait for someone?
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meeting someone online Posted on Jul 17, 2011 at 11:13 AM
i have always been the one to tell all my friends and family that who ever they meet online is not real they lie and that they need to meet people in real life not online. so i made this account out of fun and now i meet someone and i do not know what to do should i go against everything i believe in and try and work thing out with this person o just stay friends with them??? i dont know what i should do this person seem like a very sweet and good person but ive never meet them???????????