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  • How to handle blind dates?
  • This blog gives some tips and advices how not to have troubles during a date if you have never seen a girl you are going to meet.
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How to handle blind dates? Posted on Jun 24, 2008 at 05:11 AM
Blind dates are fun and scary at the same time. The methods of organising a blind date are numerous - your friends recommended someone, who met online, you found each other in the newspaper. Whatever the method, the reason for the date is always the same - you are looking for someone. The reason why blind dates have such a bad reputation around the world is because the person you meet often does not meet your expectations. On reflection, the majority of us realise, that our expectations were way too high to start off with. So, how do we avoid this problem. The answer is simple - preparation. 1.Get a picture of the person you are meeting. You need to know if there is a slight physical attraction before you meet. However, in order to keep your expectations in check, please bear in mind, that she is likely to send you the best picture of her that she has. So, the reality may look a bit different. So, ask for a few pictures, that should give you some idea. 2.Prepare to meet somewhere casual. There is nothing worse than being stuck with someone who you don't like in a place that you cannot really leave, such as an expensive restaurant. Why not try a coffee shop? Or a small pizza place? Maybe even a park. 3.Wear smart casual clothes. You are there to make an impression, so daily clothes will not do. However, do not over dress - both of you will be under enough pressure already- there is no point of add to stress. 4.Once you meet - if you are not impressed with the physical side - please control your facial expression. Give her a chance to impress you with her personality ? maybe she is your soul mate? Also, smile - you are there to impress her too. 5.When you start talking - listen to what she has to say. The majority to people are so focused on what they are saying, they forget to learn anything about the person. However, bear in mind that she might be very nervous - so, no inappropriate jokes. 6.Be a gentleman. Whatever her preferences, no woman appreciates being treated badly on the first date. Open the door for her, pour her drink, offer to pay the bill. 7.If you like her, read this book which will show you what to do next. If you don't like her, please do not make empty promises-it always bites back, one way or another.