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Blog title: Words
Blog description: Words are some of the most powerful tools at our disposal. They can be used to lift up or to tear down. A change in one word of a sentence can change it's meaning 180 degrees. All too often we sling our words about without fully realizing or understanding the consequences of what we have said. Once thrown out, they can not be recalled. You can only hope and pray that those who receive them have it in their heart to forgive. You would be surprised what some people think of you based on th...
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Coming Full Circle Posted on Mon, Apr 13, 2009 00:00
Today I spent time standing over my father trying to make him eat. Seems like just yesterday that as a kid he was standing over me making me eat. It's come that time when I must take my dad into my home and care for him as he did for me as a child. Last weekend he had a car accident brought on my passing out. His health has been failing for some time but he refused to tell us of this for fear of having to do what I must do now. Take him from his home and familiar surroundings and bring him to live with me. I've been over a week now and hopefully he will be ready to travel by next weekend. I'm just thankful the accident was more serious and that I have a place and the means to care for him. I suppose most of us will reach this point with our parents at one point or another.