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WHY GOD CREATED MAN? Posted on Sun, Aug 06, 2006 20:25
In the beginning, there was God and nothing else. Then God created the Angels to carry certain tasks not fit for the Almighty, or tasks where the presence of God is devastating(H.Quran 7:143). However, one of the Archangels who was given power and authority,i.e. Satan, started the ideas to rebel against God. He thought he was powerful enough. Since these ideas simply internal thoughts, none of the Angels were aware of Satan's haughtiness. God of course, was fully aware(H.Q.2:30) There were 2 choices to defuse Satan's coup: 1. banish Satan from angelhood, and 2. expose Satan's rebellion before effecting retribution. It was the will of God to expose Satan first. Without exposing Satan, the angel population would have wondered, "Why God banish Satan, when he did nothing wrong. So in order to expose Satan, God decided to create a creature from clay, namely Adam or a man. Then He asked the angels to fall prostrate before Adam (H.Q.2.34). They all prostrate and not Satan. Thus, Satan was exposed as a rebel! Thus, sisters and brothers can anyone relate the story above with the relationship of a husband and a wife. Comments and ideas welcome. Hopefully, the story partly answers the topic.."GOD ALREADY HAD SATAN....." in the other blog. TQ Wassalam.
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WHY GOD CREATED WOMEN? Posted on Fri, Aug 04, 2006 13:22
Firstly I like to seek forgiveness from all the sisters in this site for quoting this particular quote. I do not have the slightest intention to offend them whatsoever. My intention is merely to invoke a new perception on woman and man regarding their position and responsibilities in life. QUOTE: A saint once posed this question to his disciples "GOD ALREADY HAD SATAN BUT WHY STILL HE CREATED WOMAN". Pls bothers and sisters, feel free to voice your honest comment. Hoping, sometime or somewhere after this, in the nick of time, we gain some enlightenment. TQ Wassalam.
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