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  • This'POTRAIT OF LIFE' was answered by our beloved Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. to his "Meditation in God is my CAPITAL. Reason & Soung Logic is the Root of my RELIGION. Love is the Foundation of my Existant. Comtemplation of God is my COMPANION. FAITH is the source of my POWER. SORROW is my FRIEND. KNOWLEDGE is my WEAPON. PATIENCE is my GRAB & VIRTURE. Submission to DEVINE my PRIDE, Truth is my Salvation"
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ThanksGivingDay Posted on Dec 10, 2008 at 01:37 AM
Each Eid is a Thanksgiving Day where the muslim assemble in a brotherly & joyfful atmosphere to offer their gratitude to ALLAH for helping them fulfil their spiritual obligations prior is the Eid. This form of Thanksgiving is not confined to spiritual devotion & verbal expressions. It goes far beyond that to manifest itself in a handsomes shape of social & humanitarian spirit. Minal Edil walfa izi.
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knowledge......better than Wealth...reasons Posted on Oct 26, 2008 at 06:41 AM
Knowledge guards us but we must guard our Wealth. Knowledge dispenses justice but Wealth seeks justice. Wealth decreases with expense but Knowledge increases with expense. One sage said: Nothing is more HONOURABLE than KOWLEDGE... Another wise man said: KNOWLEDGE DISTINGUISHES man from the lower animals & it is only for KNOWLEDGE THAT men are HONOURED..... It is notdue to man for his PHYSICAL STRENGTH, bec the camel is physically stronger than him; it is not bec of his LARGE BODY, as the elephant has a larger body than his; it is not on a/c of his BRAVERY as a ferocious beast is braver than him, it is not bec of too much eating as an ox has a larger stomach than his, the HONOUR of man is on a/c of his KNOWLEDGE & INTELLECT :)
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Unconditional ...... Posted on Nov 20, 2007 at 06:37 AM
If one love someone because of pleasure, one should not b regarded as loving that person at all. The love is, in reality, though this is not perceived, directed towards the pleasure. The source of the pleasure is the secondary object of attention, & it perceivedonly because the perception of the pleasure is not well enought develop for the real feeling to be identified & described. By ImamGhazali :)
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Friends Posted on Nov 13, 2006 at 09:23 PM
Specially to all. I like all my friends as much as I LOVE myself. May we always have LoveCompassionMercy towards others,to believers or non- believers;as they r ingnorance towards Islam;which mean Peace. Althought it is difficult to put into practice in our daily life. i believed, insyakALLAH we will find & keep searching the direction and guided frm ALLAH.& seek heip frm HIM in any time of difficulties. By establishing regular prayer & obey His command & most of all increased ur supplication in time of difficulties in ur praying,as ALLAH all knowing ....