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IKHWAH...CALL MY NAME IN YOUR PRAY ! Posted on Jan 22, 2007 at 08:21 PM
"Oh Alloh, please forgive us and our ikhwah that have faithful to you before us, don't let hatred in our heart to faithful people: Oh Alloh in my truth you are most giver and the most benevolent and the most merciful" This is the best moment to remembering brothership between muhajirin and anshor. Ta'aruf (introduction) bring us to know each other, to ukhuwah, togetherness lead us of islam, we are joking, laughing, suggesting each other. it's beautiful to have friendship. Dear ikhwah, problem we should give attention to one problem. Rasulullah had already give us a good example at wayout life including in friendship. so, we should aware to anything that have Rasulullah give to us... to be continue...
Happy Ied Celebration Posted on Oct 22, 2006 at 06:28 AM
for all of my brothers and sisters in islam... ramadhan is over, i hope that we have best our ramadhan, InsyaAlloh we get merit from Alloh SWT, amiin... in this time all over the world have to takbir... Allohu Akbar... Allohu Akbar... Allohu Akbar... sad... something missing in my heart sad, cause we lose our ramadhan... we must say good bye with ramadhan kariim.. next year, i don't sure that we can meets ramadhan again... happy... insyaAlloh we will be new men and women... insyaAlloh, better than before insyaAlloh, our ruku',our sujud, our sholat only for Alloh... LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILA BILLAH happy ied celebration... TAQABALALLOHU MINNA WA MINKU TAQABAL YAA KARIIM... love, hate, angry, jealous, and longing... insyaAlloh, because of Alloh SWT
I Love You Mom..., But... Posted on Oct 02, 2006 at 01:47 AM
I love you mom... But pray for me,hopes that Allah will give heart to love Allah, love Rasulullah, Love islam,and love my muslim brother and sister. I love you mom... But pray for me, hopes that Allah give me power to make better my emaan, my deen, and my love to qur'an and sunnah and to keep and save my hijab... I love you mom... But pray for me, hopes that Allah will give me knowledge to be good muslimah, to be good daughter, to be good wife for my husband (when i be a wife later),and to be good mother for my children (when i be mother later) I love you mom... But pray for our family, hopes that Allah will meeting us to the jannah, together... I love you mom... Because of Allah, i hope, only because of Allah... Allah meets us in this world Let's pray,hopes to Allah, that Allah will meets us to the jannah... Ameen... (With love, Apologize me in this ramadhan kariim mom...,