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Blog title: Need business guyes
Blog description: As salam o Alaikum Do u like to be a business man, an exporter/Importer? R u a serious ,energetic and like to take a bold initiative.I would like to be your partner, Please contact. Anis.
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Life Insurance Posted on Mon, Jun 12, 2006 00:00
Is a life of a Muslim sholuld be insure.Please detaild with the view of Islami Sariyah.
I need a business partner Posted on Thu, May 25, 2006 00:00
As salam o Alaikum, I am in search of a partner who is willing to start an import business of Hand embroidered garments. I am doing this business within my country, in India and like to expand my business, export my products world wide.I will be glad and welcome my abroad Muslim brothers and sisters to join with me as an Importer with serious initiatives and positive outlook.Any one Intersted are requested to contact me via for further details and steps. Allah Hafiz.