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  • danadzri's blogs-this is my 1st attempt in being creative n yet truthful as islam is the true religion , true faith ,true way of life. islam teaches us that life does not end in death but merely continues in the afterlife!
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beware of the intellect! Posted on Apr 26, 2007 at 07:19 PM
it is sad to see alot of discussion about muslims that revert to christianity because of their intellectual search for the truth had made them see the light! let it be known that all the prophets are true and Isa son of maryam is god's messenger as all the prophets and muhammad s.a.w is the last messenger and prophet. Nothing in the intellectual world can prove this wrong and if you believe in one prophet u can never deny any of the prophets and islam is the only deen for mankind. my fellow muslims !for all the shortcomings and bad things we see in the world , all are done by human hands. our own doings. so don't blame religion and god ! pray and persevere as these are all tests from Allah.let us not stray from his path for our journey does not end in death! "to you be your way, and for me mine" sura al kafiruun:ayah 6.
the blog-medicine for the lonely heart s Posted on Mar 04, 2007 at 08:06 PM
since i 1st started blogging n reading others' i realized certain things happening .subtle changes if left unchecked may have adverse effects . i noticed majority of bloggers including myself are alone !or at least feeling lonely despite the many people surrounding them. why? various reasons may be attributed but one fact remains... he or she is lonely !....{alone in the universe} thus the need to reach out to others, the search n hope to find the one to fill the vacant loneliness continues....n thus the blog! others use it as means to spread their message, ideas across to test the limits of their knowledge i.e. power thus making the blog a powerful tool only being controlled by the ' niat'! now interesting bout the niat is that it is supposed to be our true intent from our heart.the origin of all our actions, even the actions within the heart. each of us is accountable for what we say and do..... my fellow muslim bloggers. when i started writing my first blog, its was a act of desperation. iwas crying out for help.iwas depressed , alone even with people surrounding me .iwas having a vicious cycle of hope and desperation. but then with Allah's mercy and guidance i continue with my life along his path. it is a struggle and all that our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. teachings are all true. the struggle continues within us and around us. it continues and what matters is our 'amal'. for that amal is what we bring together as we continue in our after life. what we do ,speak, write think and even feel as the doings of the heart will be accountable...... in one hadith , the prophet said of two things that can easily be done by muslims but will be rewarded greatly by Allah. one of it is keeping quiet.... but being humans, catergorized as social creatures keeping mum is difficult. But RasulAllah ahd shown the way of proper human communication. so in this spirit, iwrite with hope that this will be accounted as ibadah as i see in lots of other blogs but please beware of sinister blogs that trying to confuse and destroy your iman like ones comparing islam and christianity. Allah give guidance to whoever Allah chooses....Allah Knoweth all. how do u get to know people when u don't have time ?companionship has been predestined as all of our lifetime in this world.....?