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Posted on Apr 26, 2007 at 07:19 PM

it is sad to see alot of discussion about muslims that revert to christianity because of their intellectual search for the truth had made them see the light! let it be known that all the prophets are true and Isa son of maryam is god's messenger as all the prophets and muhammad s.a.w is the last messenger and prophet. Nothing in the intellectual world can prove this wrong and if you believe in one prophet u can never deny any of the prophets and islam is the only deen for mankind. my fellow muslims !for all the shortcomings and bad things we see in the world , all are done by human hands. our own doings. so don't blame religion and god ! pray and persevere as these are all tests from Allah.let us not stray from his path for our journey does not end in death! "to you be your way, and for me mine" sura al kafiruun:ayah 6.

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