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Posted on Aug 30, 2007 at 06:22 AM

Met my cousin recently and was surprised by his physical change....or rather his physical neglect. He was a sports enthusiast during his bachelor days, to a point we classified him as a fanatic. He loved playing soccer, basketball, racketball; had won many tournaments and possessed a collection of trophies. He also had a physique that was envied by most. So when I recently met him I was taken aback by his huge paunch, flabby arms and obvious negligence of his physical appearance. I asked him why he stopped his games after marriage. He replied that it was because his wife did not like him spending time out with his friends. They often quarreled about this issue as she preferred him to spend whatever free time he has after work, with the family. Even bargaining for outings with his friends just once a week, was not favored. Tired of all the hassles, he finally decided to give up all his sports interests to have peace in his marriage. I find that is regretful for a husband to be restricted in such a way. As long as he is a responsible husband, and does not go overboard with his activities or neglect his duties to his family, surely he should be allowed to go out with his guy friends once in a while or to pursue his sport interests...... In fact, it should be insisted that he does !! I think it would be a refreshing remedy for the husbands, mentally as well as physically, to have time out with their guy friends, where they can still be "themselves" without female or children intervention. Just like wives would also surely appreciate occasional time out with their girl friends to enjoy female indulgences. I feel that marriage should not be an imprisonment. There can still be togetherness without the need to suppress our individuality. After all we are each bestowed with different talents and support for those talents that we lack may be an asset to the union, rather than an impediment.

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