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Posted on Wed, Aug 08, 2007 02:08 PM

Ergun Caner says that immediately following the terrorist attacks, the media's assumptions about the differences between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity compelled him to speak out with righteous indignation. He explains, "The central theme of the media was, 'I don't understand why the Muslims, Jews, and Christians are fighting so much, because they're all basically worshiping the same God.' " He says that in the minds of most of the talking heads on the news shows, "Jehovah and Allah are the same God, like these are divine nicknames." Caner's response to this fallacious assumption is emphatic. "As a Muslim, if I had heard someone say that Jehovah and Allah are the same God, I would have been offended," he declares. "As a Christian, I find it blasphemous." He notes, "I have never met one intelligent Muslim who ever said that Allah of the Koran and Jehovah of the Bible are the same God." Caner recalls that as he appeared on such television programs as Fox News and Talkback Live, he was often asked by the hosts, "So you were a Muslim, and now you're a Christian. When did you switch?"

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