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where do i start Posted on Sun, Jul 09, 2006 11:04
Assalamu alaikum to you all. My name is Hauwa,am an African and currently working as a broadcaster in the Africa Service of DW Radio Germany. am a divorcee with 3 kids,staying with their father.Actually ours was an arranged marriage,i never loved him from day one till our divorce,the reason i stayed with him was the cultural and traditonal pressure on me,but alhamdullilah we're no longer together and the reason for our divorce was he kept another woman who was not legally married to him,and a lot of things happen after, that led to our divorce. After the divorce he denied me access to my children for years,as a result i suffered emotionally infact i don't wish any muslim who prays 5 times a day to undergo the emotional stress i went through,but alhamdulillah i put my trust in Allah,and now my children do come to stay with me for some weeks. during my troubled days, i met a muslim brother who showed interest in me,we infact arranged to get married but just 2 months to the D day he disappeard for 3 months,but later surfaced and say his parents opposed our marriage because we are of the same age. After him another one came by,after the normal introductions to my relatives,he later says i should give him time,to cut the story short we didn't get married. from then on i couldn't trust anyman till now i don 't listen to anybody,because i have gone through enough,am afraid i may missed a genuine person who is a good muslim with my distrust of men,and i can't trust anybody,what should i do,where do i start,need your advice your sister in islam. jeddah