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when do you say enough? Posted on Fri, May 19, 2006 20:50
Asalaum alaykum waramatu allah. I am having a hard time to say enough and know when to move on. I married my husband 4 years ago and in the begining he promissed everything. Then after our first child things started going bad. I got pregnant again and I felt all alone in that pregnancy. 2 months after I gave birth to my 2nd child I heard a message from my husbands voice mail thanking him for as wonderful evening and the flowers. So I called the women and asked her what she ment and what the relation was. Needless to say she wasnt the last. I have never felt more alone then the whole time i have been married. His last lady i left him for only to come back to empty promisses. I asked him if he was in love and if so does he want another wife. He denied all. She said she was pregnant with his child. This is 1 week after I had come back. I told him I would support his decission if he wanted her as a wife or just wanted to be in the child life or wanted her instead of me. I called her everyday to make sure she was fine and if she needed anything. 1 week later she said she lost the baby. I cried it was apart of my husband. I went to have surgery 2 weeks later for weight loss . Then 1 week later I finnally went back to work after 2 months of being gone. She calls my work and gets me fired . Now having no income, health care and no more daycare I really get upset with my husband and he says he no longer will talk with her or any women. now 5 months later I see he is talking to the same woman.Not only that but when he is with this other woman I get treated so poorly. Have I done enough to save this relationship or is their something I am not doing right? I've tried to get him to a muslim counsler. he refused. I tried to talk but i get bruised. I try to ignore but it hurts to much. I just wanted to have a happy marriage. sorry so long anythoughts would be great. May allah give us all peace.