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what is missing? u see Posted on Jul 27, 2006 at 12:36 PM
Salamo alikom ,Muslims believe that we are on the right track we have the holly quran uncorrupted saved thank u god and we have the sunna.+ we got oil more than 80% of the world oil is in Muslims land , we are rich, and we are not few lol we are alot millions and millions OK . WHY we are third world and humiliated ? WHY we are weak nation can't defend her self ? WHY every time we been attacked we blame others Israel, Jew, ..... do we really love Allah or quran or Islam? do we understand what religion about and what is truly Islam? who is responsible for all our problems and failure? if someone tell me hi..salamo alikom I'm a Muslim..what should i understand?.what that mean ? you are a Muslim..for who? for Allah( SW)..?.for me? for others.?. should i assume right away that you are Good person and trust you?. -what is it that we are missing ? we have got everything yet we miss something.?.. love? honesty maybe..?. . I wish there is a truth pill it workes anti lies..u know what i mean..? on Friday noon there is no place to put your feet..the mosq is full even Friday is not off day in USA now at any other day any prayer time go to the mosq ..u see 2 lines most of them elderly people ... what is that.? HOW MANY PERSONALITY INSIDE OF US.? one last thing.: if you are Muslim ..convert again to Islam and if you are new Muslim pleas don't give up your humanity be human before Muslim..the prophet( pbuh) was a human been ..before Islam... don't let anything take away the human inside of you. and love everybody. love you all. salam
read me pleas Posted on Jul 25, 2006 at 08:57 PM
salam everybody ,I think its hard to say the truth to someone if its a sad or bad or not good ingeneral,its imposible to say your wrong my brother or we are wrong anyway for those who truly have a free mind and seeking the truth pleas contact me i might help. we can't say everything we want to here, and I can't say it i did but ??. anyway I wish that i'm not beeing offensive to noone or bothering NOBODY. THANK YOU. LOVE YOU ALL. LOVE FREEDOM. SALAM.
To a new muslim only Posted on Jul 16, 2006 at 08:57 AM
Salamo alikom a new muslim told me if we kill none muslim we go to the heaven because muslim going there anyway and everybody els is not .this brought me here to write the following: =Allah is GOD OF LOVE AND PEACE not god of war and hate(quran) =quran is the word of god so read it follow it don't follow the word of ( so and so ) humans there are maney groups of muslims out there and every one think they are the saved one ( lol) new muslim pleas run away from the groups allah saved his quran 4 us to read =New muslims allah said in the quran : who ever killed a single soul without right as if he/she killed all the people . =read the prophet life and see,STUDY compair his actions to the muslims actions nowadays or even before u will see how much muslims astray away from his way now u make a choice the prophet's way or others way . =Islam SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE SENCE and islam is here to make our life better and easier =We are living in real crazy hard time I think we'e close to the end , holly quran and sunna (way and life) of the prophet are WHAT ALL U NEED to be saved here and in life after = not all none muslim going to hell ( read the quran) =all humans are allah;s creation u, me,no one has the right to take someone;s life away except in a ware ( read the prophet commands in war) or selfdeffence. or ur mother in law ( just kidding lol) =iSLAM IS PERFECT BUT MUSLIM ARE NOT PERFECT AND SOME TIMES THEY MAKE ISLAM LOOK REALY BAD ,IF ISLAM WAS A PERSONE HE WOULD COMMIT SUESIDE . I love u all salam goodday.
Thank u GOD. Posted on Jul 12, 2006 at 09:58 PM
Alsalamo alikom everybody , This is my first blog , I would like to say salam to u all and I hope that life is just good with u and Islam helping u to go through it . I want to thank God for taking away what I thought my happyness ??? and giving me the chance to see the true priceless gift wich is the mind . ( what left from it .lol)and Islam and many other things .I wish we use this site to communicate and open up to each other for more and hier purpuses than finding NEMO (the partner .lol) by the way I love that move to the point I can't watch it anymore (?) . -English is my 2 language (I'm working on it ) I love u all salam alikom. good night.