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Posted on Thu, May 21, 2009 11:34 AM

Fiqh 4.124 Anas reported that the Prophet said, "The barrier between the eyes of the Jinn and the nakedness of the Children of Adam is [created] when a Muslim discards a garment and says, 'In the name of Allah besides Whom there is no other god'." (Ibn As-Sinni) Hadith - Ahmad, an-Nasa'i, Dawud, al-Hakim and al-Baihaqi Qatadah related from 'Abdullah ibn Sarjas who said, "The of Allah forbade urination into a hole." Said Qatadah, "What is disliked about urinating into a hole?" Said he, "It is the residence of the jinn." [Ibn Khuzaimah and Ibn as-Sakin classified it as sahih]

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