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help please !!! Posted on Nov 23, 2006 at 06:12 PM
right now i'm a little confused because there is a muslimah that i'm very interested in. she is a fine example and wonderful woman. my concern is that she is nearly 17 years older than me. i am 26 years old. she is very respectful and caring to me and i have that sense that she is also interested in me. i'm just worried about what my family will think. i know that my family wouldn't have a problem with her personally, but i don't think my mom would want me with someone so much older. what do i do?
the hardship of finding a wife Posted on Apr 06, 2006 at 11:35 AM
salaam to all. in all of my 25 years on this earth, life has given me challenges. some easier or harder than others; but there is one challenge that i'm going through that seems to be the toughest yet. what's the challenge? it has been finding a wife. a good Muslim wife. this isn't a blog to make anyone feel sorry for me, but it has been difficult to find someone for me. i like muslimfriends very much and have no problem with the site, i do however; get a little annoyed by quite a few of the profiles I've come across. what i mean is that many of the women's preferences seem materialistic or rather unrealistic. I've seen many profiles that only wanted doctors or lawyers for potential husbands. i am neither a doctor or lawyer, but when i see these profiles i doubt the sincerity of these women who choose doctors or lawyers primarily for their matches. it's great to have a husband or wife with such professions, but one has to think realistically. men, if you were a doctor, do you think that you'd be looking for a wife online? probably not. if you were you couldn't keep women away from you. it wouldn't even matter if they were Muslim women or not. some would even convert to Islam just to marry you. women, this blog has been written for you. many of you have complained about finding the right Muslim man; and I've seen your profiles, but some of your standards have been set too high. i have seen many awesome profiles here, but i count myself out when i see profiles that pretty much demand lawyers or doctors first. i mean i make good money too even though i'm not a doctor and i'm also a good man. when i see profiles like that i ask myself whether or not if they want money or love. all women deserve the best, however, it doesn't mean that the best drives a Mercedes or jaguar. i could be a doctor and be a jerk. but i can be someone who makes only 80,000usd a year and treat you how you deserve to be treated. it is my desire for everyone here to find the right person for them. if you are one of those women that want only doctors or lawyers and still haven't found the right person for you, consider giving men who don't earn as much a chance. maybe then you'll have found what you've been searching for.