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a hot girl in my neighbourhood Posted on Tue, Jun 06, 2006 07:53
Assalamu'alaikum! Today is the day when i am going to meet a non muslim girl. i really like here and she is reayll attractiv. my brothers say that she is just playing with me and that she is a german slut (sorry for that bad word), but maybe i want here as my girlfriend. what can i do to make her like me as a muslim i am? i have fear that she dont like me because she thinks i might be a terrorist or something. are there ways to convert her fast? can i make her a muslim when i pray for her?
i dont like them Posted on Tue, Jun 06, 2006 07:48
As you can see i am living in Berlin. There is a part of the city where almost every living person is a muslim, but still there are some christians and we try to get them out, because they look aggressive and dont like us. yesterday i was walking arround the streets of berlin thinking of ways to manage to get the christians out of our hood. but i couldnt find any legal way to do so. those people are always very unfriendly, they are a minority but still dont accept our rules. what can we do? my father says that i shouldnt force them out, but me and my brothers dont want them to live next to us.
i am unsure of my behaviour Posted on Sun, Jun 04, 2006 17:57
Salamulikum i am young man from germany and in my family we never talk about some things, because we shouldnt talk about that, my father says. But i want to know if i dont have a girlffriend it is allowed to masturbate for a muslim? because sometimes i want to but i dont know if i get punished by our great allah. my german christian friends say it is good, but i dont believe them. please help me.