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Help needeed form all Muslims Posted on Jan 12, 2007 at 11:46 AM
Assalam Alaium all This your brothr in Islam is goin through a huge miserable life all borthers and sisters are requested to Help me I m help less I m alone in the world so if you wanna know wat is going with and hot plz dont leave me alone I m muslim and brother of all muslims Muhammad hanif
The couple of heaven Posted on Jan 12, 2007 at 10:57 AM
ASSALAM ALIKUM WA RAHMATULLAH WA BARKATUHOO all bros and sisters in Islam I m back again with a request that plz pray for me it has left few days may be this is my last blog or next time I remain with her and will pay regards/compliments to all my sisters and brothers so plz pray for us the reward will be given you by ALLAH . AMEEN mUHAMMAD HANIF
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Ever lasting love Posted on Aug 16, 2006 at 10:58 AM
Sallam to all Muslim bros and Sisters,this is wat I ve told all. now the end of this love story is very near to be end, and with the garce of ALLAH you will know thorugh news papers and electronic media that yhis wa s tragic end. can any one imagine that someone for his love can leave his mother, his father, his sisters, all relatves even his children and family. plz pray for me I get success in the feild of true love. thnks all this is my last blog. i pray for all trure lovers that every one meat with his/her soulmate
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I was in jail and was keep under non stop unnatural torture for 9 days, their demand was to divorce my wife. I was thinking that Y i dont do as they desire, I had heard that there is no true love now a days. but it has been passed 20 months and I m felling that it is just like the first day and my pain is increasing day by day. so it is cleare that still there its true Love aliive in this world .... The measure of love is that you love without measure.. Finally I shall request you all to pray for me so that I get my soulmate back and get out of this miserable life. your brother MUHAMMAD HANIF SHOQUI
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Request to all muslim brothers and sisters Posted on Aug 05, 2006 at 12:32 PM
ASSALAM ALAKUM ALL MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS some of you can imagine the hardship, the pain and the worries i m going through, so any one who check this blog for God sake, for the name of MUHAMMAD (peace be up on him) Pray for me plz plz plz. Now I m loosing my stemna it is very much hard for me bear the pain and hardship. perhaps my days are very close to end. may ALLAH BLESS ALL MUSLIM UMMAH AND KEEP ALL SAFE FROM THE SATIN. MUHAMMAD HANIF
I M GOING FOR JIHAD ... PLZ PRAY FOR ME Posted on Jul 30, 2006 at 12:44 AM
Assalam alaikum all bortheres and sisters It is very much hard for me to wait more as the time of 20 months has been elapsed, and still my wife is in cage. I ve to fight for our freedom coz at least she is my wife with the Sharra MUHAMADDI. so I can not leave her and it is my right also. so I m going there for jihad. because they are my enemies and it is my life risk also but i dont care becoz it is also a jihad to get ones right back. I m regular with my prayers and zikar as well as salwat and wazifs. But here i request you all plz pray for me coz i have confidance in my hope in ALLAH that i will get sucess INSHA ALLAH and your prays will help me and will remain with me everytime. regards MUHAMMAD HANIF
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Assalam alaikum All..... this is my sotry need Golbal help Posted on Jul 23, 2006 at 02:26 AM
HELP US HELP US HELP US WE ARE TOTALLY HELPLESS. IS THERE ANY ONE, WHO MAY HELP US? IS THERE ANY ONE, WHO MAY SAVE OUR LIVES? IS THERE ANY ONE, WHO MAYGET ME AND MY WIFE OUT FROM THIS MISERABLE LIFE? IS THERE ANY ONE, WHO MAY STAND WITH US AGAINST THIS OPPERASSION? IS THERE ANY ONE, WHO MAY FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND WOMEN RIGHTS? NO NEVER....No one can!! Because it has elapsed a sufficient period of about 20 months I?ve been seeking and expecting helps, from the whole universe. But no any attention from any Department, any NGO, and Govt: organization any news paper, any ministry, any kingdom, etc has been given till yet. Hence my wife is about 800 k.m away from me in the encage of her father, also in mental and physical torture. The factual position is that, I m a poor person, and my father in law wants to kill me or involve me in false and fabricated cases, therefore it is very difficult for me to arrange a lawyer, or to go there, to bring her out to the court. Is there any one who may bring out my wife in the court for her statement. my further detailed request is as under. GLOBAL HELP AND JUSTICE NEEDED This is the appeal of a helpless person who requests for help, and need justice Honorable Sir/Madam, I the undersigned Mohammad Hanif S/O Haji Mohammad Panah by caste Katbar R/O Village Sultankot District Shikarpur Sindh Pakistan educational qualifications MA/LLB, submit following appeal which need your conscientiously and favorable consideration. That, I got married with NOREEN D/O CHOUDRY NAVEED HASSAN of Gujranwalla, Pakistan through her statement of FREEWILL before 1st: Class Magistrate, Karachi Pakistan, after two days on Dated: 22.12.2004 her father Choudhry Naveed Hassan S/O Ahmed Hassan along with SHO,(Mr: Zia Rizvi) and other police staff of Police Station Defense Karachi, some Intelligence Bureau officers/officials of Karachi and Police staff P.S Peoples Colony Gujranwalla namely Aijaz Naqvi Sub Inspector Investigation and 3 police constables, arrived at my brother?s house, i.e. S-18, 9th Staff Lane Defense Housing authority Phase I Karachi, where we showed them our marriage documents i.e. FREEWILL AFFIDEVIT and NIKAH NAMA but they arrested illegally both of us Noreen (my wife) and me, without any search warrant etc. They took us to Defense Police Station, Karachi, where we agitated for illegal arrest, the Director Intelligence Bureau Karachi and others started beating and torturing me, and were asking to divorce my wife Noreen Hanif, when I refused that, why should I divorce my legal wife, once again thy started torturing me. Also they were pressurizing my wife Noreen and harassing her to get divorce, but she was also refusing them. They were harassing us for killing and murdering. Finally they made me unconscious, on having back my senses I found myself in the Train. That from Karachi to Gujranwalla, Choudhry Naveed Hassan, his relatives, and police staff beated me, by time to time in the train and every time they were demanding for divorce and every time my reply was in negative. After arriving Gujranwalla I was kept for about 8 days in Police station Peoples Colony , and was subsequently kept under non stop unnatural torture, every kind of torture was applied on me, like naked hanging in open air in cold nights, putting cold water over necked body, beating with leather belts and sticks, removing of nails etc, even TPO investigation Rao Zamirulhaq along with DPO Gujranwalla in his office victimized me of torture, meanwhile I became unconscious many times during torture. When they observed that I m totally refusing and will not divorce my wife Noreen Hanif, they forcefully got my thumb impressions on two blank papers and said to drop my signature on the same, on my dismissal once again they started beating. In Gujranwalla, before every officer, Choudhry brought another girl and represented her as Noreen to give false statements. That at least at dt: 29-12-04, I was sent to Central Jail Gujranwalla, while my relatives arrived there for me, Choudhry Naveed, his relatives, his supporters and state of Gujranwalla i.e. Ali Akber SHO peoples colony police station Gujranwalla, Aijaz Naqvi S.I investigation Rao Zamirulhaq TPO civil Lines and DPO Gujranwalla started harassing and threatening my relatives. Finally I was released on 19-01-005 That up to 2 months I was under medical treatment. Where is my wife? I don?t know, weather she is alive or not? She is in her father?s custody since 22-12-04. At present my father in law Choudhry Naveed Hassan s/o Ahmed Hassan Advocate of Gujranwalla, his relatives and supporters are pressurizing me and my relatives to divorce my wife Noreen Hanif and also they exercise harassing for cancellation of my bail to reimprisonment and trying to involve me in false and fabricated cases, also they are threatening me for murdering and killing. The tyrannical activities of Mr.Choudhry are not hidden, as we put a look behind on his previous deeds, this example will be sufficient to prove this person a chronic extremist and vehemently cruel, that he extremely tortured his 1st wife Aarfa, so she lost her senses and became mad, finally he divorced her. At that time her daughter Noreen was at age of 5/6 years. Mr. Naveed left his daughter with her real mother Aarfa which is still alive living at her father Khursheed Aalam?s house. At present Noreen Hanif is at the age of 21 years, but her father Mr. Choudhry has neither given any attention nor any support till yet. Most Gracious Sir/Madam, It is prayed that the situation through which I m passing or have passed and the demonstration of unlawfulness done with me and my wife, proves that Government machinery and state agencies, political sources, even the law is in the hands of Choudhry Naveed Hassan. Although he and his father both are advocates, but they not have broken only the law of Pakistan Govt: hence the Law of Human Rights too, because officers/officials of sensitive agencies were borrowed by Choudhris. Infect I belong with the poor family of Sindh province of Pakistan, therefore it was very easy for Mr. Choudhry to take me and my wife from Karachi to Gujranwalla form one province to another illegally without any fear because the state of Karachi was sponsored with him. Is that a kind of Justice? Is there any one who dare to ask Mr. choudhry and state that why that unlawful was done? Therefore beseech of your honor that me and my wife Noreen Hanif may very kindly be rescued from the cruelness and unlawfulness of Choudhry Naveed Hassan and his supporters, also my wife Noreen Hanif may kindly be escaped and got be released from encage of her father. Above act of kindness shall be treated in the interest of Justice and Humanitarian grounds. Some of the affidavits/ marriage proofs are attached. MOHAMMED HANIF P.O. Sultankot District Shikarpur, Sindh
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Assalam alaikum all , where is justice Posted on Jul 13, 2006 at 10:30 AM
Here there is a painting I've painted myself, that pic can dfine the misery I m going through. Becoz my soulmate is away of me in the encage of her father since 20 months, also I ve been seeking for justice but no justice for poors it has been made only for riches who can sale and purchase it.
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