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To sister Cleopatra78 ONLY Posted on Mon, Apr 30, 2007 08:00
Assalam Alaikom Wa RahmatuAllah Wa Barakatoh, Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have two questions : 1. Why do many of us become curious and try to snoop on such personal messages ( I do not know the contents of all blogs which are placed as personal messages but can understand they are personal as they are addressed to some sisters or brothers )? 2. Why do we not convey confidential messages or pass advice or Naseehah through comments ? May Allah guide us all to the right path .. Aameen Assalam Alaikom Wa RahmatuAllah Wa Barakatoh.
Beware !! Be Careful !! Posted on Thu, May 18, 2006 00:33
Assalam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllah Wa Barakatuh .... Brothers and Sisters , the Islamic Ummah and the muslims are facing a danger that is greater than the kuffar (jews and other known enemies)and this is getting greater and greater with every passing day !! Shiites ( shias ) sect. is the neoplasm in the muslim ummah that needs cancer therapy , many muslim scholars in the past like Ibn Taimiah declared them kuffar (non-muslims) because there are many reasons to do so for e.g. cursing the companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH and they beleive that the Holy Quran is distorted and falsified . Though many of the shiites do not show off their believes (doing Tuq'ia means hiding the believe in the state of fearing the enemy until their Imam Mahdi will show up and kill all the Ahl Al-sunnah wa Al-jama'ah and they will be free to spread their religion(I prefer to call it religion to madhab because it is not a madhab of Islam since the difference is in aqeedah), but it is all there in the books of thier so called scholars like khumaini , kullaini , tubrosi ...etc Muslim scholars have agreed upon certain merits and parameters to judge the aqeedah of a person and whether he/she can be declared muslim or non-muslim , some are : 1. Cursing the companions. 2. Believing in the distortion of the Holy Quran. 3. Accusing the beloved wife of the Prophet PBUH (Sayedah Ayesha) with adulteration. SO, It is our duty to try to give Da'awah to the shiites around us. I am not placing this blog here for us to argue , I hope those who disagree find it out themselves and aquire knowledge on this topic rather than arguing uselessly . Assalam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllah Wa Barakatuh.