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TOBACCO CONTROL-ITS OUR DUTY Posted on Mon, Dec 31, 2007 23:23
Tobacco is a serious problem in the society specialy muslims. It kills 10,000 people everyday around the world. Muslim countries are the highest consumers of tobbaco. A cigarette contains 2-3 thousand chemicals & It has serious health hazards like lung cancer, oral cancer,gangarene disease,premature heart attack,hair loss,aging skin,weight loss & sexual disfunctioning in men and women.It is a blunder for a women to smoke as this can effect her reproduction capabilities and harm the child after birth. In India alone there are 250 million tobacco addicts,2500 die everyday because of tobacco and 5,500 children start using tobacco everyday. Islam clearly condemns the use of tobbaco in any form. I had an opportunity to research on the subject in my post graduation, My humble appeal to muslim friends is "let us contribute to control this poison" as Allah says in the Quran "WHOSEVER SAVETH A LIFE OF ONE IT SHALL BE AS IF HE HAS SAVETH THE LIFE OF ENTIRE MANKIND" (CH:41,V:46).
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I want to get married but??? Posted on Sat, Jun 14, 2008 11:17
assalam...this place is for evryone who wants to get married but is facing some or the other problem. Insha Allah we will discuss and try to provide a solution to the problems...
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