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Posted on Thu, Jan 17, 2008 23:40

Hi all, How?s life kicking you now? Hope you all can have a bit moment and read my post. Nothing much but just want to share with you one of the most important day in Islamic calendar, that is Asyura Day. Asyura Day falls on 10th of Muharram. Muharram is the first month of Muslim calendar (Muslim calendar follows moon). Lots of stories happen during Day of Asyura but I just want to focus on one thing, that is Asyura porridge. According Muslims history after the big flood, Prophet Noah?s ship landed on a mountain. That day they said happen on 10th of Muharram (that is called Asyura Day). After everybody got out from the ship, only a little food left for them to eat. So they decide to gather anything that can be eaten and cook (become porridge). Yomkippur in Jewish (as a same date to Asyura) being celebrate as the day when GOD gave Torah (Old Testament) to Mosses In my country, we celebrate that day (falls on 19 January 08), and I am the chef who gonna cook the Asyura porridge. So I shall share with you the recipe (you can try INK). 1. Gula / Sugar10 kg 2. Manisan / Molasses (sugar came from coconut trees)1 kg 3. Ubi Stelo / Tapioca5 kg 4. Kacang Hijau / Green bean 3 kg (soak in the water to soften it) 5. Santan / Coconut milk10 kg 6. Beras / Rice10 kg 7. Kelapa parut / Desiccated coconut 1 kg (fry without oil till become brown) 8. Garam kasar / Saltabout 100 grams 9. Daging / Meat3 kg (broil and cut into smaller pieces) 10. Jagung / Corn6 tin That?s the main ingredient, smaller parts are 1. Halia / Ginger? kg 2. Lengkuas / Galangal? kg 3.Serai / Lemongrass? kg 4.Bawang Merah / Red onion1 ? kg 5.Bawang Puteh / Garlic100 grams The most important parts are the spices. These spices can only being found in Kelantan. It is the mixture of several spices and we call it Awah. How to cook? First of all, take a big pot, put all the rice inside there (of course you have to wash it first) and cook. Put also tapioca, green bean and corn. Add water if necessary. Cook them till all mixed up and becomes porridge (the color become dark brown). It took about 4 hours to cook it. Stir the porridge from the beginning and please do not stop at all. At the same time all the smaller parts (ginger, galangal and others) must be fry without oil and add the Awah. Fry till its turn brown (smell pretty nice), let it cool down as you need to mix it later with the porridge. When the first parts become porridge, add coconut milk and salt (don?t stop stir the porridge) When all mixed up (about 2 hours later) add sugar and molasses. Cook till all mixed up (another 2 hours). The finally you can put the Awah and meat and cook it about 2 hours. When all in and the porridge become sticky you can put it into the small pan and let it cool down for about 2 hours. This is very delicious and tomorrow night we are going to cook it. Our plan is that we start about 9.00 p.m. and we hope that we can finish it by 10.00 am the next day. Wanna join me? ¿¿ Enjoy? ¿¿

SebastianJoshua a.k.a SeaBass

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Posted on Fri, Jan 18, 2008 16:30

Salams Thanks for sharing the recipe. Never thought so much work was involved in the making of it... all that non stop stirring over the hours! Now I appreiate my friend's mother even more, as she never fails to give me a huge container filled this delicious porridge every year!

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