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Did you know Posted on Thu, May 11, 2006 15:16
Did you know that every night when you go to sleep the satan ties three knots behind you hear and when you are trying to get up for fajr prayer he blows on it and says, "go to sleep the night is long." When you get up and say a word I forget which it was, first knot is taken away. When you do your wudu the second knot goes away, and finally when you pray the third knot disappears and throught out that day satan has no control over you and a good smell comes from your body. If you do not get up for fajr prayer the satan urinates in your ear and when you wake up, you wake up disorientated and a bad smell comes from your body. I learn this from Shiekh Khalid Yasin. This is small and minor but Islam is important and if we learn something every day you grow more knowledgeable of the Deen. If you want to teach something of Diin, story, saying don't hesistate to post it. Becuase the more I learn the better I undertand Islam.