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Blog title: Is boyfriend situation always wrong
Blog description: What can we do as muslim women, what is the solution as Muslim guys seem to be very difficult to find. Every where enforced segregated at least I never manage to meet any, save rare occasion where I force myself to asked a general question to a man. Actually, I just remembered, I know a girl in her 30s desperately looking for marriage and every where I go she is there busy collecting phone numbers from guys but still she is single. I guess its not about talking to guys about general stuff in society. As a community where single people are kept apart and prevented from meeting each other, how are we suppose to find a muslim partner. Short of being brave enough to go up to strangers and say "excuse me brother are you muslim, ok I marry you, if you like". An Egyption Imam's advised a single lady in Regent Park mosque. No one is so bold I am sure many would prefer to cut their own throat instead. What is the solution? Any suugestion? So is it always haram to mix with men. Some white men are good people and many love our women.But they have too many sexual partners without committment of marriage and thats abhorant to me. I know the dangers of white culture. Millions of single men and women suggest the system is very destructive but the issue of singldom will destroy the muslim comemunity too. No doubt about it. I suspect our men have got non muslims and our women are sure to follow. I have a great phobia against any romantic entanglement prior to marriage. But after 20 years of praying and asking Allaha for a reasonable companion with no avail. Not meant to be I guess. Now the question is Should a person look for a non muslim and risk being hurt? Patrafying thing is non muslims just want to have fun and you're not allowed to talk about marriage other wise you will drive them men away. Apparently half of the women are bachlorettes now and under women are always under extreme pressure to look great in order to attract a mate. 100/1000s muslim women in this p...
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Expereinces of user on this site 42 Views 12/20/05
Does anyone want to share their experiences about users of matrimonial site. I.e experiences, trials and tribulations of looking for a Muslim partner.
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