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i got a nice to day..Alhamdullilah.. Posted on Fri, May 19, 2006 05:14
back to basic.. today i visit my children's school im glad they got good grades.just sad that i also got a never ending bills that i need to pay for them to contineu there studies. their father lefts us way back 3 years ago and from that day,theres no one to help me but Allah.. my father is a very hardworking man.we works in his farm and help me most of the time.but he also has a family who needs the same thing we do.he is old and needs to take hes medicine glad my stepmother is always taking care of him. Everyday i face the world everyday i make myself strong i see that no ones Happy to see me its not that i cant make them but they thought that i cant never be happy anymore.all this things in life are only temporary.i know i can get over all this.i love my children and i know That Allah will Always take care of us.thank you for reading this ..i just dont have no one to talk to about family is always there for me,but i know they cant help me.i dont wanna make them sad.because i love them so much..=)