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A Joke cybernoori 27 04/19
Little Things cybernoori 13 04/19
The Evering. cybernoori 6 04/19
About Prayers cybernoori 33 04/19
Why God allows pain suffering in the world cybernoori 14 04/19
Story of Alexander cybernoori 11 04/19
The Miser and the Angel of Death cybernoori 36 04/19
Empty Hands of a Rich Man cybernoori 81 04/19
Mercy of Allah (GOD cybernoori 10 04/19
Dear all cybernoori 12 04/19
How lucky I am cybernoori 26 04/19
Telling the Truth cybernoori 9 04/19
Eight Things to Learn cybernoori 10 04/19
Very bad language cybernoori 13 04/19
Allah sees you everywhere cybernoori 7 04/19
"You can be the happiest woman in the world ... basmah2000 91 04/18
Saddest day of my life marsjupiter 149 04/17
Woma to Woman Encouragement gaamar 42 04/17
Why do people lie? gaamar 75 04/17
... butterfly2003 75 04/16
ajjubaba ajjubaba 46 04/16
Beauty Queen munna2005 9 04/15
why do we all ways think opposite farhiya2001 3 04/15
who can tell me sssaaa 115 04/14
who can tell me sssaaa 16 04/14
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