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Hi! Mar7aba! Nawi_min_alandalus 3 01/30
Family , Family, family Ocearina 53 01/29
About me CalamityMan 68 01/28
are you?? msalama57 1 01/28
salaam to all muslims around the world aseman 9 01/28
Salam Alykom msalama57 1 01/27
message in a bottle Noureddine2006 25 01/19
I NEED AN ANSWER TO SHOW ME THE WAY ymohammad 131 01/16
Darling's Creativity.. FianDaina 3 01/16
*Cheeky Fellows* FianDaina 4 01/16
*Ma Loveable Hubby Apai* FianDaina 9 01/16
The Magic Of Love fLowery 19 01/15
Shgok(east and West) shgok 4 01/12
Eid Mubarak neweternity 10 01/09
assalamualaikum wr wb nuryani 11 01/09
Im not accepted because i wasnt born muslim ... 6565 329 01/06
another day Qamar13 11 01/05
masjid nabawi suwadi 11 01/04
alhamudulillahi rabbil aalameen Blue350 4 12/27
on holiday!! halima73 77 12/22
A WOMEN OF LIFE abdur2001 75 12/21
Expereinces of user on this site yasmina2001 41 12/20
Been busy designing saiquan118 12 12/18
Hey. I wish I had some one 6565 118 12/14
Mystic Days Tigereyes2005 11 12/13
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