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Editing the finest art of neglect snowfall7 97 11/20
Older Woman /Younger Guy .. Can the chemistry ... fatima22 467 11/12
To Split Or Not to Split ..?? fatima22 239 11/07
My Honest Friend... fatima22 176 11/02
Loosing freedom of MIND snowfall7 74 10/29
hi lookin 4 some good friends? ajjubaba 317 10/23
salam ajjubaba 106 10/23
friendship bmodou 145 10/08
wut is wise snowfall7 50 10/07
N-002 NAVID2006 32 09/30
ANYWAY fatima22 75 09/30
salam Senorita2000 111 09/27
Please don't let go of my hand... fatima22 163 09/26
A piece of true love and humanity .... fatima22 129 09/15
how do u know what u know is right ? Nakhid 107 09/04
The eye sees only what the mind is prepared ... fatima22 90 09/02
What Made You Smile Today?...Share with Us. ... fatima22 54 08/31
The Real Meaning Of Peace fatima22 63 08/31
advice needed nad000 158 08/15
Question of Love..... fatima22 176 07/30
The No. 1 Problem Couples Face ... fatima22 125 07/30
s.a Sonay_ 34 07/29
sarkozys blunder? ajjubaba 49 06/24
Would you give away a gem fatima22 70 06/24
Love Remains but Romance Dies Out..... fatima22 102 06/19
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