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SALAM EVERYONE wonder2000 181 10/29
Guantanamo a very serious issue wonder2000 9 03/09
hello sheik06 14 03/05
Mr Bush left Delhi..I am missing innocent2001 9 03/06
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stressed kidda 167 11/14
A Day Late and $442.00 Short saiquan118 91 11/26
s. a. erenibili 3 03/03
As salaamu Alaikum 2U all! saiquan118 91 11/21
Seriously seeking philips2000 10 03/01
No one Likes Talking to a Poor Man DammartheDestructive 134 12/05
love the words u say jippie 13 02/26
Loneliness sarahsiddiqi 17 02/25
ahlan wasahlan sume.. halawatuliman 4 02/25
TRY TO FEEL philips2000 10 02/24
What it means..... philips2000 5 02/24
hai, hafizie 9 02/24
Lonely and tired of waiting bbborer 18 02/19
careing human kind SAIT2006 6 02/06
Salam to everyone umarafzal 2 02/05
I dont know what to say.. pippilotta 6 02/02
Life Partner needed AikInsan2000 10 01/31
I'd rather die! saiquan118 131 11/16
Hi! Mar7aba! Nawi_min_alandalus 3 01/30
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