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Why are you muslim? Islam isn't truth!" sweetoojawad 128 10/07
Islam Elevates the Woman's Status?? fatima22 126 01/02
TOBACCO CONTROL-ITS OUR DUTY savior1183 123 12/31
WHAT MAKES A GOOD MAN! whitewingeddove21 122 09/07
Allah is the answer. LonelyLaylah 119 06/13
Only the Wife wishes to embrace Islam....... ... fatima22 117 10/19
Death AbouMohamed 117 08/13
hi aliceleng25 112 03/29
whom should be blame for increasing women abuse ... sahil1111 93 01/10
Fasting in Syawal...priority to missed fasting ... fatima22 92 09/30
Frustrated Abbas1979 89 05/23
man wadgate 85 07/02
Assumption Haleemah 85 07/10
The cure for all deceases Raza2017 85 04/23
Will America attack on Iran? maliknasir 75 03/15
Are You A Muslim and then A Human Being OR? ... Fareed2004 68 09/19
life is good nicebasit 58 05/07
?????? ???? ???ی ???? mahini 44 04/19
Im not accepted because i wasnt born muslim ... 6565 329 01/06
WOMEN * REALITY bites SebastianJoshua 217 10/02
Falling out of Love is simply awful.......... ... fatima22 216 03/07
i am unsure of my behaviour realBNDmann 212 06/04
a hot girl in my neighbourhood realBNDmann 202 06/06
Beg allah for forgiveness Today! saiquan118 195 11/24
what do women want?? ProfessorJoe 194 02/02
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