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thank you Fatima22 117 Views 03/13/08
I just wanted to thank you for your prior advice to me ..........Few months ago I asked for help when I really honestly needed it and you are the one who truly went out of her way to give me the best advice possible. I want it to tell you it really helped me so much when I was really in pieces and opened my eyes..........I am still not completely over my ex but I met a wonderful and swwet person with a big big heart and faith in Allah who is starting to be very important part of my life .........without even looking for anyone ....Today I have been thinking of how much I cried and how bad I felt few months ago .......and who opened my eyes and helped me think out of all my friends ........turned out to be someone I dont even know Fatima :) I just wanted to point this out in front of everyone who reads blogs here as I am sure there is a lot of you out there who also got some very good advice from this lady. Fatima I wish you and your family all the blessings inshaallah and again thank you for everything. Take care Ma Salama P.S. would love to exchange e mails with you but not a gold member here let me know if we can find a way to chat sometimes would be my honor to be your friend thanks
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am I going crazy or what??? 160 Views 12/22/07
well as you know most of us have as they call it now a days LOVE TROUBLE...........or in my case marriage issue I have been talking to an Egyptian guy for 2 years now....he even came to see my family and me ..........he tells me he loves me all the time and whatever happens he will allways love me ..............that part is all good :) The bad part is ..........he has got a major financial trouble like $40,000 type of a trouble that he has been fighting to fix in credit card debt...........and that is not the only issue no no no......there is more. After 2 years of knowing each other he said he has feelings for someone else as well but he loves me more............and even though he promised he would not mary another girl if we marry .......I am starting to doubt it ........... I offered to help him get something worked out about his debt..........I said to him that I didnt care he wasnt rich..........few days ago he asked me to marry him and than didnt call me for 2 days until I called him and told him how I felt ...........I am terribly hurt by his actions ...........I cant find any relaxed time without thinking of things and am very concerned about what exactly should I do next ..........sometimes I say to myself "just let it go ........he is sooo playing with you".......other times I am so conviced he cares so much about me but I dont want to marry and than he gets married to someone else.......I should be able to trust the person I am thinking of speniding the rest of my days with .........he seems very religious yet all of this is sooo confusing to me if anyone out there a few words of wisdom please dont hesitate to post a comment I would really appreciate it now thank you all Salam
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