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Arranged Marriage.. 455 Views 12/19/09
When asked to think of arranged marriage, most Westerners visualize a forced marriage, in which the couple did not meet beforehand and had no say in the final decision. Forced marriages are outlawed in most countries of the world, because they are believed to be cruel and abusive, and most supporters of arranged marriages do not support forced marriage. A forced marriage can be an unpleasant experience for both parties, especially when they belong to a culture which does not permit divorce. Women, especially, can be victims of forced marriages which cause them to enter a state of virtual slavery. Is Arranged Marriage right? Does it make both parties happy? Is Arranged marriage a healthy one to be in? i personally think that if someone wants an arranged marriage they should go look for it themselves, however they should not involve their parents into looking for them as this could create problems between the family on whether the person is right or not... do you think Arranged Marriage is right?
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