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  • As i have been reading the forum comments i have read a lot of things that are really suprising to me.One woman who lived in china thought the people there have no religion and no ideas about the afterlife???She wandered why Allah was still creating those people as they were all doomed to go to hell anyway.I read alot about judging,mostly they start the comment with i dont judge BUT Allah will judge and punish me we all go to heaven cause most people make mistakes only a few ...

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my vieuw on the world today Posted on May 12, 2014 at 08:29 AM

Todays news brought two things to my attention.First the new pope asking cristian priest not to be so hard on sinners,his words"some priest think they invented religion,but it comes from God".I agreed with him and was thinking that in islam the same problem occures.I always thought that the difference in islam was that there was no priests or pope between men and God.But that seems to have changed lately considering the huge influence of imams and ayatollahs.Does the fact that you can recitate the Kuran and read some century old books makes you a better muslim with autoroty over others?It's like how can there be something like religious police,or sharia law?How can you force people to follow religious rules and if it is obligated in howfar is it than real?Does it come from within(like a lot of muslims in the western world)Iam also wandering,when i was little i asked my father why i was muslim and he said because "iam your father and iam a muslim so you are to".In how far is religion a free choise?The other thing was that today those guys of boko haram from nigeria released a video of the 200 kidnapped girls being completly covered and reciting the first verse of the Kuran.That made me so angry and i dont understand why there has been not more protest from the islamic world.If we can gather huge demonstrations all over the world about a cartoon or gaymarriage why dont i hear protests about this?There is indeed a huge misconception of islam in the western world,but is italso not because of the silence of a great silence majority.If i read muslimforums i see a lot of critic on the western world and its mentality but i dont see a lot of critic about ourselfs.I see huge demonstration for muslimrights,but no demonstration for the right to be coptic in egypt,or cristian in palestine ?I see the anger on the deathtoll in irac because of the americans,but never about the millions that died during the irac-iran war.I see the anger of the invasion of afghanistan but nothing about the suffering of millions because of the religious crazyness of a minority?Am i the only one that remembers the public hangings,decapitations and flogging of women because of some nailpolisch?Or the poisining and torturing of saddam of his own people?Ofcourse the main reason was oil,but  i also remeber people cheering the americans when they entered baghdad,that was two days before the huge plundering and stealing of anything worth stealing.I remember how happy i was the first days of the socalled arab spring,but everything soon turned sour.Irac has a hundred of saddams now all wanting power,in egypt women are attacked on the streets,outside kabul the taliban rule,and the syrians suffer in refugeecamps.When will there be arab leaders that care for there people and think about education,health and jobcreating for the millions of young people,instead of palaces,mercedesand million dollar horses?When will the corruption that starts from very low to very high ends?How come we are so good in judging others and finding always excuses for ourselfs.How can we demand rights for ourselfs but deny the same rights to other people?And to end with luckely that same day i saw a documentary i wish for all of you to see,it inproved my vieuw on humanity a little.Its called "in my mothers arms"it's about this simple irac men whois trying to keep a fosterhome open,and his struggle for money in a totaly corrupt system.That men is a real muslim,a real good men and an example for us all.You never know maybe somebody with tomutch money reads my blog,just showing a way to spend it :)