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Disgusted and Angry Posted on Aug 04, 2007 at 05:01 PM
I'm truly PISSED at some of the things that are allowed to go on in the name of Islam, and that the ummah is perceived to be complicit in these atrocities. For instance, the Taliban recently kidnapped a group of Korean missionaries and have even killed two. Why hasn't the Ummah STRONGLY condemned this act of terror and demanded the prompt release of these people? These are not soldiers who mujahideen are compelled to fight. They are innocent civilians, guests who travelled to Afghanistan to provide aid to the people! This is how they are repaid? I just finished reading a memoir of a remarkable young lady, Mende Nazer. She is a Sudanese woman whose village (among others) was raided by Arab militia. In the raid, villages were pillaged, she and others were raped, people were brutally slaughtered, and families torn apart. As a young child of twelve, she was sold into slavery by her fellow 'Muslim' brothers, with the Sudanese gov't playing an active role. She was enslaved by a 'Muslim' Arab family for seven years. These 'Muslims' tortured her, denied her freedom of religion, and degraded her because she is a Black Nuba woman. She was sent to toil in London, to her master's sister, and eventually escaped. Through it all, this young woman retained her dignity, humanity, and Muslim faith. What's sad is that these filthy acts are STILL being carried out, more recently in Darfur. Hundreds of thousands are forced into slavery in Sudan, yet the ummah says nothing. I am DISGUSTED by these vile acts carried out in the name of Islam. Fellow Muslims to this day are suffering at the hands of other Muslims. 'Muslims' are terrorising others yet we stand by and do and say NOTHING? Incidents like 9/11, the London attacks, and Taliban hostage crisis, and rampant oppression, killing, and racism against fellow brothers and sisters and others leaves me sickened. As much as we whine and blame the West, IT'S TIME FOR A TRUE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION. SAY 'ENOUGH' TO THESE MONSTERS
Sad Party of One--No Muslim Love Posted on Apr 16, 2007 at 03:21 AM
Assalamu alaikum. I am a revert who accepted al-Islam, the true Deen, almost one year ago, Alhamdulillah. I am currently working in South Korea as a soldier. Lately, I feel this overwhelming loneliness and despair. I work on a military base, and there are no other American Muslim women. I have practically no friends, as virtually everyone here is Christian. (We don't share the same values, i.e., I can't go out drinking or listen to the same haram music as before.) The few Muslimah friends that I have connected with was on a purely superficial level. As a result, I feel very lonely. The only people who have seemed to show unconditional love are the few Turkish expats, sympathetic to my plight as a foreigner in a foreign land. Korean revert women, familiar with being outcasts, show kindness as best as they can, but I still feel slightly left out, as they share their own bond as Koreans. I've always been a person who's wanted to surround herself with different people, different cultures and experiences, and I thought that being Muslim would only help me in that quest. However, my hopes have been dashed as I've been blown off and overlooked when it comes to invites to gatherings of sisters. Being the only American Muslim woman, it can be overwhelmingly lonely. My husband tells me to forget my pain, as I have him and that's good enough, but it's not quite the same. I've found that many immigrant Muslims in America tend to be very ethnocentric and don't want to bother with people who aren't the same race and/or culture as them. I've often met sisters, mostly South Asian, some Arab, but others also, who won't even return salaam to me. I've met some African sisters who looked at me and welcomed me with open arms, until they realized that I am American, not African. I never hear from them again. With the African-American Muslim community, it is the same. No one wants to try new things or talk to people outside of their neighborhood or culture. I'm also treated like a pariah by many Black Muslims because my husband is not Black African/African-American, and because I have interests other than just African-American culture. Even the mosques I've gone to are segregated! Where is the equality that Islam is supposed to embody? I've become disillusioned with Muslims in general. I also miss female companionship and I feel so alone. I often cry about it. I've prayed to Allah about this and I hope that He can give me guidance, but it hurts me so much when people treat me as if I'm not Muslim, not a human being with feelings and a heart, because I'm different from them. Why are so many Muslims so racist, hostile, and close-minded? Why am I not worthy to return salaam; can anyone from a Muslim background answer that? Why do other Muslims look at me as if I'm less of a person because I married someone whose skin color is different? Can anyone explain to me why people are this way when we are all supposed to be brothers and sisters?