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new muslimah Posted on Dec 22, 2006 at 07:34 PM
salam alaykum evry1!! today my friend took shahada and converted to Islam! her family is very similar to mine in that they do not understand her decision and are not supportive. please make du'aa for all your brothers and sisters out there in Islam that they are happy and Allah guides them well.:-) I make du'aa and pray that all Muslims are safe and healthy and that Allah guides us on the right path and uncovers the hearts and eyes of those he wishes, allahu akbar!! :-) my du'aa came true.:-) Amen. Coronita*
Hijab question Posted on Sep 15, 2006 at 08:23 AM
salam alaykum... i just reverted not along ago, i do not wear the hijab yet.. i wasnt sure if i was ready to wear it.. its only been liek 3 months.. but. ive been thinking about it alot lately and its something i kind of want to do.but i cant..because my parents dont know that I reverted to Islam.. and if they did.. they would be very angry. i Dont know for sure but i think they would dis own me..and i am too young to be on my own and have no family that wud be accepting of this.. im 18.. and in my 3rd yr of university that my father pays for. and one more year still to go. they always have some bad remarks everytime that muslims come up. it gets me angry and sometimes i almost blurt out well IM A MUSLIM! lol. but yeahh.. but anyhow.. my question is.. if i wore the hijab to school.. but i didn twear the hijab right yet while im out with my parents and when im working with them.. is that bad ? to be wearing it sometimes and not, is there any point? i dont know.. i want to wear it, but i dont think taking it on and off is a good thing. i will wear it eventually. when i tell my parents and they find out im muslim i will wait for their reaction and see if they still talk with me and respect my decision. and then slowly later on i will wear the steps. what does everyone else think? coronita.
muslim identity Posted on Aug 28, 2006 at 10:29 PM
salam, now that i have reverted to islam, some muslim people i know say that i need a muslim name.. i dont have to change my real name but go by a muslim name.. true or false? anddd, if true, what would be a good muslim woman's name? coronita