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Posted on Aug 08, 2006 at 10:57 AM

2:248: "And their Prophet said unto them: Lo! the token of his kingdom is that there shall come unto you the ark wherein is peace of reassurance from your Lord, and a remnant of that which the house of Moses and the house of Aaron left behind, the angels bearing it. Lo! herein shall be a token for you if in truth ye are believers." This verse shows the miraculous power of angels and their superlative ability to act upon the physical realm. They carried the Ark of the Covenant in front of Saul's army and the relics which the family of Moses and Aaron left behind. Angels were carrying the Ark of the Covenant because it was very important for humanity. It contained one of the heavenly Books, the Torah, in its original form. When God ordered Moses to write the Torah, He said: "O Moses! you have to write it on tablets of gold." When Moses asked where he would find such a metal, God sent him the Archangel Gabriel and ninety-nine other angels. Each one represented an attribute of God and they taught Moses one hundred and twenty-four thousand words. With every word Moses was elevated to a higher level. At every level Moses saw light coming to him from the Divine Presence and dressing him, until he reached a state of purity similar to the transparency of crystal water. This caused every on-looker at Moses to see nothing but light. At that moment, Gabriel ordered the ninety-nine angels to adorn him with the attributes and powers that each was carrying. Moses wore a veil to cover the intense light which emanated from him and caused others to faint if they looked at him. Then Gabriel poured into Moses' heart the heavenly knowledge meant to be consigned in the tablets. He taught him the chemistry of gold. Moses in turn taught his sister one-third of this chemistry, Joshua another third, and Saul the last third. Then he wrote the Torah on the gold he manufactured. All the while the angels stood by him and taught him how to write and adorn that heavenly book. Then God created a four-winged angel and ordered him to keep company with Moses and be the guardian of the Ark.

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