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Posted on Aug 08, 2006 at 10:59 AM

3:42: "And when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! God hath chosen thee and made thee pure, and hath preferred thee above all the women of creation." The "Virgin Angels" were created from the Word of God, carrying His Light and appearing to the Virgin of virgins, Mary. They informed her that she had been chosen to carry a great message for humanity. They were her guardian angels. They were wearing crowns of pearls and rubies on their head. The Virgin Mary's eyes were drawn to these pearls and emeralds without her will. This enabled her to see that this world, with all its magnitude, disappeared into one of these jewels as a ring disappears in an ocean. This vision elevated her to a state where she reached a knowledge which dwarfed all the knowledges of this world, enabling her to carry in her womb the secret of Jesus, which is a Word from God. God has prepared and guarded Mary through these two messengers for her to carry the light which the Archangel Gabriel would bestow upon her at a later time. She was chosen among all the women of the world for her sincerity and piety and to carry a baby without the agency of a man. She was asking God from her first day in existence to be a virgin in body and a virgin in soul.

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